Zombie Hunter Stickers for Undead Report

Zombie Hunting Permit Design Sticker ArtPERMITS! Got zombies? Make sure you have the official Federal Zombie Hunting Permit Sticker!

This set of large, colorful stickers was produced for one of my side projects, The Undead Report.




Zombie Sticker Poster Art Warning Contagion Virus

Got zombies? Make sure the world knows with this big warning sticker! Stickers are glossy, and quite large at 6″ x 9″. Sticker features a simple graphic explaining how to kill zombies (the double tap). Just to be on the safe side, the warning sticker also contains radioactive (radiological), chemical, biohazard and warning symbols.


Undead Report Zombie Logo Sticker Design

The logo was designed with promotional material in mind. I went for a civil defense / fallout shelter look. Government-issued and a bold design were two key factors. This will eventually go on a series of stickers, signage and the like.


All of the above stickers are for sale at the The Undead Report!

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