Vourteque – The Iron and Jazz Age

Jazz and Iron Age Electroswing Album

Newly released album cover art for Vourteque’s newest electroswing CD, The Iron and Jazz Age!

Presenting original artwork for an album from a time that never was.

art deco electroswing poster

An album that fuses styles of electroswing, big band, ragtime, techno, industrial, blues, gospel, Americana and much more! The album features fresh Art Deco vibes, as well as the musical and vocal talents of Professor Elemental, Sabrina Chap, Eli August, Carey Rayburn, Joe Harbison, Sean Guinan, Allison Curval, and Alex Johns!

Help support the electroswing album Kickstarter to get the album printed and you can receive this excellent art deco style steampunk-ish poster as a reward!

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