Shattering Glass

shattering glass print cover 04-frontShattering Glass is a science fiction novel by Connor Coyne, set at a college in Arkaic, MI.

The novel was initially in eBook and Kindle format only. However, it had a very successful Kickstarter campaign and was launched into a print version.

For the print version, an entire press kit was created, featuring bookmarks, postcards and a promotional poster. Several Kickstarter rewards such as certificates, business cards and the like were also designed and printed.


Book Cover

shattering glass print cover 04-full

Press Kit

Postcard and Bookmark – Front and Back

SG-postcard-01-front SG-postcard-01-back SG-bookmark-01-front SG-bookmark-01-back

Digital Releases and Cover Panorama

Each digital release was accompanied by its own cover. All eight covers in the series were part of a larger, panoramic whole, the final eighth cover being the focus for the print edition.

shattering glass cover composite 02-book1-v3 webshattering glass cover composite 02-book2-v3 webshattering glass cover composite 02-book3-v4 webShattering GlassShattering Glass Book 5Science Fiction Bookshattering glass cover composite 02-book7-v3-webshattering glass cover composite 02-book8-v3-web

shattering glass cover composite panorama 01 web


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