Hand Drawn Game Map of Ancient Mesopotamia

ancient mesopotamia map rough v6 final color 1200 I had the pleasure of working with a game designer in Sweden to produce a map based on the fertile crescent area of ancient Mesopotamia for an upcoming tabletop RPG style board game.

The map is a combination of hand drawn and inked terrain, settlements, and details, as well as digital coloring, effects and post.

The map areas were drawn in pencil and ink and then scanned at high resolution to be added to the A3 sized map. Each city was drawn by hand and inked, then scanned in, cleaned up, and added to the map, as were the terrain features and details such as mesas, shrubbery, rocks and trees.

ancient mesopotamia map rough v6 final BW 1200When completed, a slightly modified black and white version was also produced.


Drawing Details


borsippa-600 eshunna-600 mari-600

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